Business Units


ITW California Industrial Products

ITW CIP (California Industrial Products) specialize in the design and manufacturing of fasteners and related products. These consist primarily of specially designed, internally multi-threaded spring steel fasteners. While the majority of our products are supplied to the automotive industry, ITW CIP also supplies a variety of other industries including appliance, computer and farm machinery manufacturers. Visit the site >>

ITW Deltar

ITW Deltar Fasteners

ITW Deltar Fasteners provides plastic fastening solutions for today’s challenges both inside and outside the vehicle. A wide range of core products have historically held the interior and exterior trim on vehicles. Electrical and fluid routing fasteners, as well as body plugs round out our core product portfolio.  Visit the site >>

ITW Shakeproof

ITW Shakeproof Automotive Products manufactures engineered externally and internally threaded fasteners, small stampings and cold formed product for automotive applications only. Sizes range from M4-M6.3 for screws/bolts and M4-M14 for nuts. Six manufacturing sites in Wisconsin, producing over 2 billion fasteners, are focused on particular sizes, thereby increasing quality and reducing costs. Visit the site >>

ITW Drawform

ITW Drawform is a leading contract manufacturer of deep draw metal stampings, consistently taking on projects most metal-stamping companies are neither willing nor able to consider. We’ve earned a global reputation for producing tightly toleranced components in many industries, including automotive, communication, fire protection, defense, lock hardware and plumbing. Visit the site >>