Capless Refueling

A safer, cleaner way to fuel vehicles

What began as a plastic fastener spin-off at ITW Fastex — just two desks in the corner of their accounting department — is now an industry leading developer and manufacturer of molded products for automotive applications. ITW Deltar has not looked back, continuing to create products that solve customers’ problems. Instead of simply turning out commodities, the focus has been on finding the next solution for customer needs.

The latest in Deltar’s string of innovations is the capless refueling system, which garnered a Chicago Innovation Award. Like many of Deltar’s innovations, the system has created a new standard in auto manufacturing. This break-through system reduces evaporative emissions at the pump. Not only is it better for air quality, it’s also better for users: no more gas odor on the hands. Since there is no cap, users will not lose the cap, forget it at the gas station, or drop the cap and watch it roll under the vehicle. No dangling cap means fewer paint scratches and the unique design of the fuel filler reduces the chance of gas siphoning. For people with arthritis or other impairments, capless fuel filling brings welcome relief from the awkward or painful twisting to unscrew the cap.

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